Tirgearr Publishing Anniversary Sale

Tirgearr Publishing is currently holding our anniversary sale. ALL books, ALL titles are .99 on Kindle and all titles are discounted through Smashwords. Our sale coincides with Read an EBook Week celebration, and will continue through Sunday, March 10.  
It also coincides with <drummmmm rolllll> the Thursday, March 7th release of the long-awaited, much-anticipated No Gentleman Is He by Carley Bauer and Lynette Willows! 
On Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday you will be able to download No Gentleman Is He for 99 cents. After that, you’ll have to pay the full price of $4.99. 
This is an incredible sale and great chance to download your copy of NO Gentleman Is He for only .99! 
Many great Tirgearr Publishing titles from numerous authors to browse, as well! 
Where exactly do you go?
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An Open Letter to My Daughter


I created Carley’s Laptop as an author’s blog. Behind every author are people who shape us. One of those very special people is you, Alicia. So today I dedicate my blog to you. For all you are and all you’ve done.

From the daughter end of a mother/daughter relationship, I didn’t seem to live up to expectations. What if a failed on the mothering end and made your life miserable? The moment I heard your gentle cry, before I could even lift my head to see you through bleary, perspiration filled eyes, I fell completely and totally in love with you. My first thought was ‘I love her, she’s all mine’.

From the time you were old enough to hold a pencil; it became evident to your dad and me that you expressed many of your emotions through art. You didn’t draw stick figures like most children. Even your earliest drawings had depth. I may have lost count of the pencils, pads and paints you went through during the years, but the results of all of your efforts are tucked safely away in a special drawer in your dad’s chest.

Not once in my life have you ever exhibited behavior that embarrassed me. You’ve held your head up and accepted all challenges set before you. You, on the other hand, have graciously taken a backseat to the issues we faced raising your brothers.

Most people are inspired by someone older, someone they’ve admired. My motivation has often been sparked by you. You raise the bar and make us reach greater heights. I watch you set that same example for your own children. How fortunate they are to have you for a mother!


Just last week when I walked into the party you arranged for your dad and my 25th anniversary, I was once again bowled over by the great effort you put into an event for someone else. Not just for someone else…for your dad and me. Every detail was perfect. The theme on books was timely, romantic and in great taste. The decorations were marvelous…right down to the beautiful antique roses I love so much! Once again, your artistic side shined through. Everyone loved the slide show and the photo booth was a huge hit! The DJ played great music. Loved seeing the grandchildren dance! The cake was exquisite, Alicia. No one would have believed it was your first anniversary cake.


The effort, and financial expense, did not go unnoticed. Everyone mentioned what a great job you did. One cousin assumed you were a wedding planner! I wonder if you realize how very special you made your dad and me feel. It’s an evening we’ll never forget.

As extraordinary as the anniversary party was, the vow renewal was, to me and dad, the highlight of the evening. Having you and your sisters-in-law stand beside me while the boys and Spencer stood by dad, was amazing.

It was a magical night, and one we would have never experienced without you.


I love you, Alicia.

Your mom ❤

Special Promo Blog Hop


Release Date: February 21, 2013

A big thank you to Charlene Raddon for including us in her blog hop! 

What is the working title of your book?

“No Gentleman Is He”. It is the first of four in the Sons of Liberty series Lynette Willows and I have collaborated on. The release date is February 21, 2013. 

Where did the idea come from?

My co-author, Lynette Willows and I have written interactively for over a decade. There were starts and stops, depending on what was going on in our lives at any given time. With our children grown and shooed out the door, I emailed her, suggesting the time was right to get back into our old habit. In six months time, we had written enough for four to five books. As empty-nesters, we had time to delve into research as never before. We both felt the results would qualify for publication. We submitted and the rest is history. Or will be when No Gentleman Is He is a best seller. 


What genre does your novel fall under?

Historical Romance. It nearly fell under Historical Fiction, to be honest. Our editor, Patricia McAllister guided us through edits that led to the book focusing on the Sons of Liberty aspect with a strong bent on romance. 

Which actors would you chose to play your characters if it became a movie?

I am not sure how other writers do it, but the image is conjured up in my imagination and not modeled after anyone. We each created numerous characters in the book, the main two being Cassandra Courtney Brooks and Colton Rolfe. I created the former and Lynette, the latter. Physically, I picture my heroine as a Kimberly Perry of The Band Perry in Postcard From Paris with mannerisms like Julia Roberts. I’m not sure the actress that could capture Cassandra has come along yet!
With Colton, we would be somewhat limited with his Native American background. He has a hook on moody sensuality. Numerous screen tests would need to be taken before that role could be filled.
The only exception to my character creating is Cassandra’s father, Kirk Courtney. That role could be played by no one other than Brad Pitt. Of course, it’s a side role and Brad would want top billing. 


What is the one-sentence blurb for the book?

A passion no rebellion could tame. 

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

We’re delighted to announce we have signed a contract with Tirgearr Publishing. 

How long did it take to get to the final draft of the MS?

Five months to write, five to edit. 

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

At the risk of sounding hoity-toity, I wouldn’t. There is a decade long relationship between Lynette and I, so the chemistry is unique in our writing. I would also go out on a limb and say where one of us is character driven, the other is story driven, so we present a well-rounded book full of research, unique characters and well-thought out story lines. Having Patricia McAllister as an editor was also a huge boost to this book. 

Who or what inspired you to write this book?

I love the time period and Lynette is extremely flexible in what she is willing to work on. If I were to pinpoint one person, it would be her. Lynette has always inspired me to reach for higher goals. 

What else about your book might pique a reader’s interest?

The chemistry between Colton and Cassandra, coupled with the blend of research, romance, characters and plot lines. 

“No Gentleman Is He” will be released February 21, 2013.


The New Year! Where I’ve Been and Where I’m Going

A New Year!

Where I’ve been and where I’m going


Out with the old and in with the new. Isn’t that the phrase? I’d like to keep much of what I learned in 2012. It was, in many ways, a banner year.

My co-author, Lynette Willows and I, got down to business with our decade-plus interactive writing for fun and practice, and wrote our first book. A 90K Historical Romance set in 1775 Colonial America entitled ‘No Gentleman Is He’. We were accepted for publication with Tirgearr Publishing, allowing us to work with a phenomenal staff. Exciting stuff!

2012 was an unforgettable journey in writing. My coauthor’s creative genius cannot be ignored. It well-compliments my own more grounded approach. Tirgearr Publishing, owned by Kemberlee and Peter Shortland, is more than either Lynette or I could have hoped for. Kem is hands on, there for anything we need. Our editor, Patricia McAllister, is a God-sent. She highlighted the best of the book and had us concentrate on that aspect, making the book read flawlessly.

I gained more than knowledge, planted in front of my laptop. My more sedentary life-style put a few too many pounds in all of the wrong places. If I’m to be honest, the weight had been creeping on over the last few years. It was slow, barely noticeable. Or so I told myself. August 29, I woke, tied my robe and caught an unpleasant glimpse of those few-too-many pounds in the mirror. That day I decided ‘Enough!’ Nineteen weeks and 36 pounds lighter, I have accomplished nearly all my weight loss goal. Fifteen more pounds, and then my life-style change to keep it off begins. My BP, always a healthy number, had begun to climb. Not to dangerous levels, but in a few years, who knows? Now that bottom 80 number is down to 70. No longer do I fear diabetes. Energy?  Pffft, I feel like I’m 25 again! Clothes I’d given up on have suddenly reappeared in my wardrobe.

My only regret? I did a professional photo shoot October 22, for both my author’s kit and a special date coming up this February. A couple of days ago I was looking at the pictures and noticed my face had a round, puffy appearance.  I had only been dieting for two months. Maybe I need (deserve?) another shoot?

I would be remiss if I did not mention the 2012 re-connection to a very special cousin, Dana Matthews. We were close in our younger years, drifting apart while we busied ourselves raising families. Our re-connection has led to some long, way-overdue girl talks, and a couple of exhilarating trips to New York City. There is little that can compare to taking a healthy bite of the Big Apple!

The mister and I purchased a shiny new red Rav 4. Yes, yes, I know, not exciting but perfect for tossing a few bags in the back and tooling to upstate New York to see our youngest son. Unless we are traveling with grandchildren, we don’t need the back seats at all. As thrilling as this part of life as an empty-nester is, accepting that our son has been in NY for four years and is not likely to move back, has been a challenge for me. Speaking of challenges, losses and disappointments…all years have a few.

A couple of hurtful moments, disappointments and the like were sprinkled throughout the year. I refer to them as learning moments to make them more palatable.

August 5, 2012 brought the loss of my husband’s grandmother. Born the year the Titanic sunk, she left us one month shy of her 100th birthday. She was an amazing woman who taught us all so much, it is impossible to view 100 years of life as a loss. Her funeral was, in every sense of the word, a celebration that I was honored to attend.


What about 2013?

Bring it on, baby!

I am not big on New Year Resolutions since they’re probably easier to break than those made throughout the year. I made an exception for 2013 and brought it in with the resolve to exercise. I am on the floor, twisting and turning in motions I was unaware my 56-year-old body could still accomplish. Weight loss, vitamins and exercise. I’m beginning to think there is hope for me yet!

February is huge. Epic. On February 14th my husband, Monty and I, will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. A quarter of a century. Wow. The lyrics Through tear drops and laughter we passed through this world hand-in-hand has always reminded me of my marriage. We held each other’s hand bringing children into this world, burying parents and every little thing in between.

The latter half of 2006 and the beginning of 2007 was a tumultuous season in our marriage. A heart-wrenching time when we were estranged from one of our children, we also pulled each other through my hospitalized sister nearly losing her life, my sister-in-law diagnosed with ALS and my father-in-law passing away on Christmas Eve. We rode for 12 hours to Muncie, Indiana with not even a truck on the road for company, holding hands and listening to ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’ on the radio.  My sister lived. His didn’t. We buried his father on a bitter cold December day and made it home before the New Year. Differences with our child were settled one beautiful, warm afternoon over a requested spaghetti dinner. As difficult as that period in our lives was, and as much as I would not want to re-live it, we all come out stronger. Especially our marriage.

I did mention another reason February would be…epic. Did I say epic? Nothing less. That book? The first of a trilogy my co-author and I wrote? It is slated for release in February 2013! Yes. Yes! It’s almost here. I will be shouting the exact release date from the hilltops as soon as my publisher announces it! Shortly, I will write another post dedicated exclusively to ‘No Gentleman Is He‘ by Carley Bauer (my pseudonym) and Lynette Willows! For now, suffice to say it is going to be one of 2013’s biggest sellers. I can feel it.

Lynette Willows and I are busy working on Book Two of our trilogy and hoping to finish well before autumn of this year. As an aside, I am also working on another historical romance. Flying solo this time, which should be an adventure!

With that, I wish you all a happy, healthy, prosperous, follow-your-dreams, New Year!


Carley Bauer