An Open Letter to My Daughter


I created Carley’s Laptop as an author’s blog. Behind every author are people who shape us. One of those very special people is you, Alicia. So today I dedicate my blog to you. For all you are and all you’ve done.

From the daughter end of a mother/daughter relationship, I didn’t seem to live up to expectations. What if a failed on the mothering end and made your life miserable? The moment I heard your gentle cry, before I could even lift my head to see you through bleary, perspiration filled eyes, I fell completely and totally in love with you. My first thought was ‘I love her, she’s all mine’.

From the time you were old enough to hold a pencil; it became evident to your dad and me that you expressed many of your emotions through art. You didn’t draw stick figures like most children. Even your earliest drawings had depth. I may have lost count of the pencils, pads and paints you went through during the years, but the results of all of your efforts are tucked safely away in a special drawer in your dad’s chest.

Not once in my life have you ever exhibited behavior that embarrassed me. You’ve held your head up and accepted all challenges set before you. You, on the other hand, have graciously taken a backseat to the issues we faced raising your brothers.

Most people are inspired by someone older, someone they’ve admired. My motivation has often been sparked by you. You raise the bar and make us reach greater heights. I watch you set that same example for your own children. How fortunate they are to have you for a mother!


Just last week when I walked into the party you arranged for your dad and my 25th anniversary, I was once again bowled over by the great effort you put into an event for someone else. Not just for someone else…for your dad and me. Every detail was perfect. The theme on books was timely, romantic and in great taste. The decorations were marvelous…right down to the beautiful antique roses I love so much! Once again, your artistic side shined through. Everyone loved the slide show and the photo booth was a huge hit! The DJ played great music. Loved seeing the grandchildren dance! The cake was exquisite, Alicia. No one would have believed it was your first anniversary cake.


The effort, and financial expense, did not go unnoticed. Everyone mentioned what a great job you did. One cousin assumed you were a wedding planner! I wonder if you realize how very special you made your dad and me feel. It’s an evening we’ll never forget.

As extraordinary as the anniversary party was, the vow renewal was, to me and dad, the highlight of the evening. Having you and your sisters-in-law stand beside me while the boys and Spencer stood by dad, was amazing.

It was a magical night, and one we would have never experienced without you.


I love you, Alicia.

Your mom ❤


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